Monday, June 04, 2012

Where beauty meets serenity! Kashmir!

After a long gap of time, today I went out with my family to Srinagar. The weather was very pleasant, the streets were bustling with tourists, gardens blooming with flowers and of course the cool breeze making you feel you are indeed in the ‘Paradise on Earth’. The stroll around the pristine Dal Lake was very pleasant and serene. Everything was so beautiful, the look and smile on everyone’s face was pleasing for the soul. And being with my family was even more gratifying. The day embraced a turn of seasons throughout. The sun played with the clouds all day long while the rain tickled the creatures on ground. Here I share with you some beautiful snapshots of the trip! Hope you like them as much as I cherish the feeling of having been there to capture them!

A fisherwoman selling a fresh catch on the banks of Dal Lake!

Tried hard enough to catch the rainbow in the picture! (On the right)

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bolanna said...

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