Monday, June 11, 2012

Aharbal - The hidden valley of beauty!

Located approximately 65 kilometers to the southeast of Srinagar (Capital of Kashmir) lies a breathtaking abode of one of the best waterfalls in Kashmir, Aharbal.

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Although, the waterfall is not big and high, but the sheer beauty and topography of the place can undoubtedly mesmarise anyone.Check out some beautiful pictures below!

Aharbal Picture 1

Aharbal Picture 2Aharbal, Kashmir Picture 3

Aharbal, Kashmir Picture 4Aharbal, Kashmir Picture 5

Aharbal, Kashmir Picture 6Aharbal, Kashmir Picture 7

Aharbal Waterfall, Kashmir Picture 1

Aharbal Waterfall, Kashmir Picture 2

Aharbal Waterfall, Kashmir Picture 3Aharbal, Kashmir Landscape Picture 1

Aharbal, Kashmir Landscape Picture 2

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