Sunday, August 14, 2005

Dachi Gam Wildlife Sanctuary ...

Home of the Hangul: The Dachigam area has been protected to preserve its unique Himalayan range of Flora and Fauna. Hangul are Kashmir stag one of the most endangered species of Red Deer in the world, this is the only place in the world with a viable Hangul population.
Paradise for bird lovers. In the Park Leopard, Jackal, Hill fox, Himalayan Griffon, Lammergeier, Long Tailed Blue Magpie, Jungle Cat, Leopard Cat, Himalayan Weasel.

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Mohmad Afzal said...

Dachigam vally is the only place of shalter for wild animals of kashmir valley. By inviting tourists to dachigam valley the inhabitant wild animals will be home less and they will be endangered by man. God has given wild animals also right to live. By encroching their habitate we are not called social animals but worst than wild animals.